Dr. Vikas Lamba

Dr. Vikas Lamba


BPT from Institute of Public Health & Hygiene, New Delhi

Work Experience

More than 10 years at Gurgaon Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Services

Fellowship, Memberships, Awards

The Indian Association of Physiotherapists

Dr. Vikas Lamba

Dr. Vikas Lamba has more than 10 years of work experience in the field of Physical Therapy. Dr. Lamba’s clinical interests are in musculoskeletal problems, gerontology and geriatric rehabilitation. His role in the department is to assess patients who have sustained an injury or have a condition that impacts their functional mobility. Once medical investigations have been completed and the MD has determined that a patient doesn’t require admission to the hospital, the PT/OT team is consulted to assess the patient’s strength, mobility and overall function. They then provide recommendations for equipment, assistive devices, community supports to return home, or suggest alternative discharge locations such as rehabilitation.

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